2021 Follow Division Happy-Fit Wakeboard Impact Vest (Black) (Size S)

2021 Follow Division Happy-Fit Wakeboard Impact Vest (Black) (Size S)

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Feature :

Happy Fit

Designed for the guy who doesn't spend all his spare time at the gym and loves a 2 for 1 burger. Made for the keg not the six-pack with a much more relaxed fit without sacrificing any of the performance of the pro-fits. The vest is longer than the other fits with larger armholes for extra comfort and movement. The Happy fit is massively popular at S2AS for a very comfy fit that will still not ride up or lack any protection or performance.

Reduced Individual Segments- Follow has worked for years to minimise the size of the foam segments by using a direct stitch-through process. This allows the foam to remain in place season after season. Also, this helps the vest to fit the body a lot better making it more comfortable and stopping it from restricting your range of movement whilst also helping to disperse the force of even the largest of impacts.

Dual-Layer Neoprene- Traditional neoprene can increase in size by up to 10% when it is wet causing the vest not to fit as well and move around whilst riding. Using a dual-layer neoprene helps to prevent this from happening to give you a much more consistent fit and comfort whilst riding.

Featherweight Foam- Using the lightest possible foam with very little water absorption making these vests incredibly light even after being submerged. This allows for incredible comfort for long days riding.

Biodegradable Shipping Bags- Traditionally and with most other neoprene brands their products come in a plastic bag which we all know is not great for the environment. This is not the case with Follow. Every single vest in the line comes in a biodegradable bag

Description :

The Follow Division Impact vest is perfect for those who aren't looking for a locked-in tight-fitting vest like many of the others in the lineup. This style gives you a nice comfy fit with a bit of room to breathe. Normally a fit like the would restrict your movement but this is not the case with the Follow Division. Thanks to the construction using incredibly stretchy dual-layer neoprene you can move just as well as with a much tighter fitting vest. If you are looking for durability and comfort then look no further. 

Note. Even this vest should not be worn baggy. It is designed to be looser fitting however it should still be tight against your body.

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