Audio Pro Addon T10 Gen 2 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for Computers, Laptop, Desktop, Cellphone & Tablet - Black

Audio Pro Addon T10 Gen 2 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for Computers, Laptop, Desktop, Cellphone & Tablet - Black

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4.06 kg
18.0 × 32 × 16.5 cm
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Feature :
  • QUALITY PERFORMANCE: Achieve high quality sound from a small compacted package!
  • PURE JOY & ENTERTAINMENT: 40 watts of power providing powerful deep bass and a crystal-clear treble.
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: The Addon T10 Gen 2 has an advanced digital signal processor (DSP), optimizing any of your audio needs!
  • WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Use bluetooth capable electronic to wirelessly stream your favorite tunes!
  • DEVICE CHARGING: This design includes a USB port to charge your smart devices.

Description :

AUDIO PRO is a Swedish audio company with solid Hi-Fi heritage. Nearly four decades ago in 1978, we started building powered speakers with a single ambition in mind; to give you the best sound quality at the best value possible. In the 1970s, Audio Pro launched a series of active speakers that, thanks to their advanced technology and high-quality sound, became iconic milestones in speaker history. Today, Audio Pro is pursuing the same goals in speaker design, great sound from small speakers. All powered and all wireless.

Play nice

With powerful deep bass and a crystal-clear treble, this speaker is designed with one purpose in mind; to give you pure joy and entertainment.

Addon T10 delivers a big sound, and you will feel it.

Genuine materials

With a handle made out of genuine leather and details in solid aluminum, the design is simple yet solid.

Wireless with Bluetooth

Addon wireless speakers use the latest Bluetooth standard for best sound quality and transmission. You can play your music wirelessly from any Bluetooth devices; iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mac / PC.

Packing a serious punch

The Addon T10 is a compact speaker, easily placed in any home.
The sound and bass will knock your socks off. With the Ace-Bass switch you can control the level of bass prefered. Feel your music.

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