Bauerfeind - GenuTrain - Knee Support Brace - Targeted Support for Pain Relief and Stabilization of The Knee, Provides Relief of Weak, Swollen, and Injured Knees, Color: Titanium (New Version), Size:  3

Bauerfeind - GenuTrain - Knee Support Brace - Targeted Support for Pain Relief and Stabilization of The Knee, Provides Relief of Weak, Swollen, and Injured Knees, Color: Titanium (New Version), Size: 3

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Feature :
  • CORRECT FIT AND SIZING: With your knee slightly bent, use the center/outside of your knee as your starting point and measure 5 1/2" up your thigh. Measure around thigh for circumference. Using center/outside of knee for starting point, measure 4 3/4" down your calf. Measure around calf for circumference. Make sure measure tape is not too tight or too loose. If your thigh measurements are split between two sizes, choose the Comfort (C) size. Refer to sizing chart & video for correct sizing.
  • PROTECT YOUR KNEES WITH THE BEST: Incorporated silicone Omega pad leaves the kneecap (patella) pressure free and provides intermittent compression to the soft tissue of the joint leading to increased circulation, thus aiding in the reabsorption of swelling and edema. Helps keep pressure off the knee cap.
  • BE COMFORTABLE & TAKE PRESSURE OFF THE KNEE: Our soft knit fabric makes the support stretchy and comfortable. It’s breathable, so it keeps sweat away from your skin, unlike Neoprene and other inferior materials. Our braces are machine washable (gentle cycle), which helps maintain its elasticity and original fit.
  • USED TO HELP TREAT & HELP PREVENT: Knee strains or sprains, Knee instability, Post-arthroscopy, Pre- and post-operative knee inflammation, Osgood-Schlatter's disease, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative joint disease (DJD), Adolescent knee pain, Recurrent knee pain.
  • THE BAUERFEIND STANDARD OF QUALITY: All Bauerfeind products are made in Germany with the highest manufacturing standards to ensure superior quality. Bauerfeind technology has evolved over the past 80+ years and continues to set the standard in fit, comfort, support and performance.

Description :

Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support

Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support


Made in Germany

At a glance:

  • Proven reduction of pain relief and stabilization of the knee joint
  • High-quality materials with knitted structure for maximal comfort and breathability
  • Patented pad for targeted massage and reduction of swelling
  • Comfortable to put on and take off
  • Machine wash at 86º F on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and laundry net

Knee support for active stabilization and targeted pain relief

Bauerfeind GenuTrain

Knee discomfort is stressful. The GenuTrain knee brace is stabilizing, pain-relieving and comfortable. Since 1929, the company produces exclusively in Germany, developing innovative products to achieve high quality, effectiveness and comfort standards.

The knee brace can be worn for:

  • Instability, Gonarthrosis
  • Arthritis, Recurring joint effusion
  • Tendomyopathy, Ligamentitis
  • Meniscopathy, Chronic, post-traumatic or postoperative irritation
  • Prevention of and recurring prophylaxis

Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support Omega+ Pad


Protects and encases the kneecap, stabilizing the joint and massaging the surrounding tissue during movement. This enhances the pain-relieving and sensorimotoric effect of the support by stimulating two sensitive areas of the knee: the Hoffa’s fat pad and the base of the meniscus.

Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support Omega+ Pad

Omega+ Pad


Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support Flexible Stays

Flexible Stays


Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support Comfort Knit

Comfort Knit


Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support Washing & Care

Washing & Care

Bauerfeind High Quality Made in Germany



Bauerfeind products are 100% sourced and manufactured in Germany with the highest standards of quality. The soft, breathable knitted material fits anatomically like a natural extension of the body to provide stability while preserving maximum freedom of movement.

Premium Materials + Superior Performance

Germany is world-renowned for its legacy of quality engineering, excellent craftsmanship, high caliber skills and precise attention to detail. German design and engineering are the source of many of the world’s most high-performance products, from cars to consumer technologies.

All Bauerfeind braces and supports are made in Germany, with an unrivaled commitment to excellence that is the driving force behind everything we do.

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