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Bellroy Men’s Premium Leather Note Sleeve Wallet - Designers Edition, Color: Black

Bellroy Men’s Premium Leather Note Sleeve Wallet - Designers Edition, Color: Black

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2.54 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm
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Feature :
  • Made from distinctive European leather, backed by a 3 year warranty
  • Holds 4-11+ cards, coins and all major currencies
  • Three quick-access slots and pull-tab section lets you sort your cards by how often you use them
  • The portrait format of this wallet slides easily in your pocket and stays slimmer than most other designs
  • Measures 4 inches tall x 3.3 inches wide / 103mm tall x 85mm wide

Description :

Bellroy Logo

Bellroy Note Sleeve - Designers Edition

The everyday crowd pleaser with an air of refinement. Flat bills, coins and 11 cards slimmed in meticulous detail.

Bellroy’s number 1 selling wallet reimagined in distinctive European leather selected for its premium finish and feel. Everything you need fits inside this slimming design, which sorts your cards depending on how you use them, yet still allows easy access. The tall format fits all major currencies easily and there’s even a neat coin pouch nestled in the back. Up your wallet game with a sophisticated bi-fold that will turn heads.

Product Insights

Bellroy Note Sleeve - Designers Edition

Bellroy Note Sleeve - Designers Edition

Bellroy Note Sleeve - Designers Edition

Distinctive European leather

Designers Edition leathers are distinguished by their complex texture, finish and soft touch. Where possible, leather has been left to wrap through the product, to minimize stitching and maximize space and flow.

Quick-access pockets for daily cards

Place 3–4 of your most used cards in the wallet’s main slots for quick access. The rest stay stacked until you need them.

Pull-tab storage keeps everything slim

A pull-tab lets you access the rest of your cards with a simple movement. And with fewer layers of leather between cards, the wallet stays nice and slim.

About Bellroy

About Bellroy

About Bellroy

About Bellroy

Bell + Roy

We started at a kitchen table in Bells Beach, and soon found our second home in the urban streets of Fitzroy. We are proud to call the cultural melting pot of Melbourne our creative base.

Using business for good

We are a certified B Corp, rated highly for limiting our impact on the environment, campaigning for the welfare of animals and donating a portion of our revenue to effective charities.

Made to be loved for a long time

Our products are designed to stand the test of time, and made to get better with age. Of all our customers, fewer than 1 in 100 ever changes their mind after buying a Bellroy, which lets us know that we have a lot of happy customers!

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