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DIANA 48,460,470-PG3_HO Tune KIT

DIANA 48,460,470-PG3_HO Tune KIT

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2.54 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm
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Feature :

DIANA 48,460,470-PG3_HO Tune KIT

Description :

PG3 Diana 48, 52, 460, 470 tune kit
With open-coil spring, high damping HELICAL GUIDE!
High Output (HO)
***New, Redesigned PRO-GUIDE3! Machined pitch into guide arrangement. A Top-Hat design having thicker material, more spring coil damping surface area fitting HELICAL GUIDE unto open spring coils. Thus allowing use of all coils for more accurate output across product line. .  The new PG3-Guides have a near fit to its power grid with thicker guides, less spring equaling less fatigue, better sound deadening. A more defined Liner firing movement consistent deviations shot after shot.


Performance with OEM piston seal or optional, high performance damping PRoSeal28!
High-Ouput full power up to 22ft/lbs/30 Joules,
1100fps(.17cal)/295 m/s CP7.9g
830fps(.22cal)/200 m/s G14.33g

Product Code:

Contents: Drops straight in all Diana/RWS48, 52, 54, 56, 470 and other like Diana air guns with sliding compression tube!

  • Easy, do-it-yourself with low pre-load force on assembly. 
  • Works with all Diana/RWS trigger arrangements T01 through T06 models

Pre-assembled fitting All-T style triggers.
All in one, easy to install, drop-in full power tuning module.

  • PG3 ProGuide3 drop-in module

  • High Yield valve wire power spring

  • Triple guides

  • Lubrication for metal, plastic and seals 


  • For Consideration when tuning power:
    It is the owners responsibility to assure legality of their air gun power output.
    Vortek’s Location of testing is 578 Feet.Above.Sea.Level. (F.A.S.L)
    For every 1000ft above or below will be approximately .029 difference in velocity, thus foot pound (Ft/lb, Joules) of shooting energy.

    1000 F.A.S.L.x .029 = 29fps approx
    Joules= .7475=ft/lb

    Easy, do-it-yourself with vIrtually no pre-load force on assembly. 

  • Works will all Diana/RWS trigger arrangements T01 through T06 models
    Vortek’s ProSEAL28 piston seal is not required for air rifle to work with PG3 installed. However, the ProSEAL a slight higher performance in noise damping and output.


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