Edge protection angle, self-adhesive, semi-circular

Edge protection angle, self-adhesive, semi-circular

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2.21 kg
99.0 × 3.05 × 3.05 cm
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Feature :
material PU foam
Profile Angle
Profile height 30 mm
Profile width 30 mm
Length 1 m
Thickness 10 mm
Temperature-resistant -40 - 90 °C
Self-adhesive yes
Colour yellow, black
Net weight 0.3 kg

Description :

With the self-adhesive, semi-circular edge protection angle, you can protect passageways, corners, railings, work areas etc. against the typical damage caused by truck traffic and vehicle manoeuvring. The edge protection also absorbs impacts on your trucks and machines. Available in different thicknesses and lengths.

PU foam with black/yellow signal coloursSuitable for indoor and outdoor useResistant to moisture, heat, UV light and frostRapid installation thanks to self-adhesive inner faceEasy to clean

Edge protection with angle profile, self-adhesive – for enhanced operational safety

The self-adhesive, semi-circular edge protection angle is ideal for securing corners and other danger areas. The non-ageing impact protection enhances safety in traffic zones, storage spaces and other work areas. Simply cut the foam edge protection to the required size and apply it directly to the relevant area. The surfaces must be free of dust and grease before application.
Thanks to its thin angular shape, the edge protection is also suitable for narrow passageways, storage equipment and railings. The foam material is resistant to temperatures ranging from -40°C to +90°C.
The material meets the requirements of the UL94 flammability standard and is highly durable thanks to its resistance to UV light and solvents.

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