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2.54 × 2.54 × 2.54 cm
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Feature :

Color and Materials The ?VLV is built with VX07 Black Xpac and a VX21 Black bottom for durability. There are Dark Green accents on the front pocket bottom and above the shoulder straps on back. All packs come with a Lycra front pocket and a 1” removable hip-belt. No Custom options available and comes in one size.

Over-the-top Compression utilizes 3/8” webbing with adjustable buckle, and the option to attach a sleeping pad or other items to the top of the pack.

1” Removable Hip Belt built with 1” inch webbing, Slik Clips, and adjustable 1” Buckles. Helps with stability if needed, not intended for weight distribution.

Shoulder Straps feature multiple daisy chain attachment points on the webbing for easy attachment of Waymark shoulder accessories. Underside built with a durable, comfortable 3D mesh. (2.75” width).

Load Shifters constructed with a lighter 5/8” inch webbing and ladder lock. Unlike other Ultralight packs on the market in this size range, the ?VLV is designed to keep the pack from sagging down on your back and shoulders. Spacing between the Load shifters and the top of the shoulder straps is decreased vs. our THRU and LITE models. When fully tightened, the Load shifter straps will sit right along the top of the shoulder straps pulling the top of the pack in closer and secure.

Expandable, Elasticized Side Pockets are sewn with a lightweight, durable and pliable Black VX07 RS (70 denier nylon with rip stop face) and are angled towards your back for easier access while wearing the pack.

Single Side Compression Cord per side made with 3mm polyester and an adjustable Lineloc allowing you cinch items to the side of your pack.

(1) Ice Axe Loop at the bottom/front of the pack accommodate trekking poles or an ice axe, along with the included bungee/cord lock at the top to secure the pole(s) to the upper part of the pack.

Description :

The ?VLV is our Lightest full size pack designed for efficiency, functionality, and movement. Co-Designed with Outdoor Evolution, the ?VLV was specifically developed to carry and transfer pack weight comfortably without a hip belt. Unlike other Ultralight packs on the market, the ?VLV is designed to keep the pack from sagging down on your back and shoulders. The ?VLV comes with a 1” Removable Hip-belt and weighs less than a pound.

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