hounenkihan Real Edge - Japanese Top-quality Sickle

hounenkihan Real Edge - Japanese Top-quality Sickle

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34.8 × 7.62 × 1.78 cm
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Feature :
  • This top quality Japanese Sickle can make your gardening work more fun and quick! It can be used for grass cutting, vegetable harvesting, and rice reaping etc.
  • Extremely sharp toothed sickle as it can even cut rope. Please handle it carefully and keep out of children's reach.
  • Japanese master craftsmanship makes the sharpness possible and you will experience the lightest cutting because of the blade dispersing pressure and minimizing frictions.
  • Comes with protective plastic sheath for the blade.
  • Blade Length: 170mm / Handle Length: 210mm

Description :

Excellent cutting accuracy due to the ultimate fineness and robustness of the blade.
Pressure applied to the blade is dispersed, hard to friction, realize a light cut sharpness.

Caution of use
It is a sharp knife. Please handle with care.
It is a knife blade. Please do not use for purposes other than.
Before use, please use it after checking the wobbling of the blade, chipping of the blade, etc. for damage.
After use, please take care of the blade by removing dirt and moisture by wiping it off with a blade oil and store it in a safe place out of the reach of children.

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