LaCrosse Men's Grange 18" Waterproof Hunting Boot, Color: Od Green (Size: 9)

LaCrosse Men's Grange 18" Waterproof Hunting Boot, Color: Od Green (Size: 9)

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38.1 × 22.8 × 17.7 cm
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Feature :
  • 100% Rubber
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Hand-laid premium ZXT Rubber for durable, waterproof, scent-free protection
  • ZXT Rubber is ozone, abrasion and tear resistant with added tensile strength
  • Multilayer rubber on the toe and heel plus a double-layer, ribbed vamp for added durability
  • Ankle Fit locks the heel in place and top strap is adjustable for a comfortable, secure fit

Description :

man walking on the lawn

As reliable today as when your grandad first bought a pair.

In 1957 we introduced the Grange. A non-insulated, do-it-all rubber boot that our customers knew they could always trust. Six years later, an insulated version of the Grange came to be — the Burly. Today, these boots are alive and well. They’re still made from the same proven rubber formulas. They’re still built to perform under the harshest of conditions. And they’re still the boots you can call on to get the job done.

man stepping on the truck

man on field

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More traction. Less mud.

It’s called the Chevron Cleated Outsole. It gives the Grange and Burly unparalleled traction in the thickest of mud and the nastiest of terrain. Unlike most other boots that feature a glued-on outsole, the Chevron Cleated Outsole is fully vulcanized onto the boot for extra durability and to ensure it won’t ever separate. And with its unique lug design constantly shedding the mud, traction is never jeopardized. Neve

Welcome to the top of the rubber food chain.

Keep a good thing going. When it comes to the Grange and Burly, that’s been our rally cry. And it all starts by building them with more natural rubber than most other boots. Rubber that remains durable and waterproof year after year. Rubber that won’t crack from the extreme heat or harden from bitter cold. Rubber that’s resistant to tears, abrasions and a hard day’s work. With rubber like that, it’s no wonder they never change.

Give cold the boot.

Chances are, you’ll find yourself in conditions colder than cold. That’s why the Burly is all about keeping your feet warm. With a layer of insulating foam that extends from the bottom of the boot to the ankle — along with a wool-felt midsole for extra warmth underfoot — you’ll always stand your ground when faced with the harshest of elements.

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Give your feet a bear hug.

The Grange and Burly feature our revolutionary Ankle Fit technology. Not only does it ensure a secure and comfortable fit around your ankles, it also grips the top of your foot and locks your heel in place. This prevents the boot from pulling loose in the deepest trenches of mud and muck. And staying true to our “by-hand” process, the hand-laid rubber of the Grange and Burly ensures that they fit the way we built them to fit — comfortably and securely.

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From the woods and the marsh to the homestead and the job site, there are no boundaries to how far Lacrosse boots can go. Or how hard they can work. There are no boundaries for their durability and toughness. No boundaries to their performance and perseverance. So no matter the terrain at foot or the task at hand, Lacrosse boots are born for it.

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