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Seeking Health | Hydroxo B12 Vitamin | Vitamin B12 Supplement | B12 Hydroxocobalamin | 60 Lozenges

Seeking Health | Hydroxo B12 Vitamin | Vitamin B12 Supplement | B12 Hydroxocobalamin | 60 Lozenges

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Feature :
  • NUTRIENTS INCLUDED in each hydroxocobalamin B12 lozenge support cognitive health*
  • PROVIDES NEURAL DETOXIFICATION support via the B12 vitamins
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DNA synthesis and replication with hydroxocobalamin along with folate*
  • HYDROXOCOBALAMIN supports the metabolism of carbs and lipids for energy generation*
  • POTENT hydroxo B12 vitamin, along with folate, helps to support methylation processes*

Description :

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Hydroxo B12 vitamin from Seeking Health provides 2,000 mcg of B12 hydroxocobalamin in a naturally flavored, easy-to-deliver lozenge. Vitamin B12 is required for proper red blood cell formation, neurological function, and DNA synthesis.


Our product is beneficial for those with a vitamin B12 deficiency or individuals who need a non-methylated alternative to the more common cyanocabalamin form of B12.* The hydroxocobalamin easily converts to methylcobalamin and is well-tolerated by individuals who have trouble with pre-methylated B vitamins. The hydroxy agent can help decrease occassional fatigue by supporting healthy energy levels.*


Our B12 hydroxocobalamin lozenges support healthy brain function, energy levels, and cellular detoxification.* Each of our lozenges contain bioavailable B12 which supports healthy arteries while supporting the function of DNA, protein, and neurotransmitters.* Seeking Health products are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.*

Hydroxo B12 vitamin detox

Hydroxo B12

Hydroxo B12 provides a potent 2,000 mcg of a non-methylated vitamin B12, hydroxocobalamin. This non-methlyated form is great for those sensitive to methylated nutrients. In addition to energy production and red blood cell formation, hydroxocobalamin has a unique role of supporting detoxification processes in the body.*

Dr. Ben Lynch

Formulated by Dr. Ben Lynch

Dr. Ben Lynch and Seeking Health provide supplements because we believe in order to remain healthy in our toxic, high stress environment, one must supplement with pure, well-formulated nutrients.


We are here to see you get better and then stay better. Our true passion is prevention. If we can prevent disease through educating you and others how to build and maintain a solid foundation, then we’ve accomplished our goal.


Welcome to Seeking Health.

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