Speed Merchant 49mm Preload Adjusters for Harley - Raw Machined

Speed Merchant 49mm Preload Adjusters for Harley - Raw Machined

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Rp 2.954.600
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image countryOC3
2.31 kg
10.1 × 10.1 × 17.7 cm
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Feature :
  • These adjusters will replace your stock fork caps and allow you to fine tune your front suspension, with almost an inch of preload adjustment
  • Easily dial in your front-end preload without having to remove the stock caps and cutting spaces, with a turn of the adjuster, up or down
  • CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum
  • Available in black anodized finish, raw machined finish or gold finish
  • Comes with O-rings, and ready to install
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Description :

Speed merchant is all about adding function to your motorcycle, and these preload adjusters are no different. They will allow the fine tuning of your front suspension to get it dialed in for your riding style and preference. Raw Machined finish.

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