Still Spirits Turbo Classic 8 Yeast (Pack of 5)

Still Spirits Turbo Classic 8 Yeast (Pack of 5)

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Feature :
  • NEW: Brand new packaging, Same great high strength alcohol yeast.
  • MIGHTY AGENT: Classic Turbo Yeast is the original Turbo yeast. It reaches 18% ABV where 8kg of sugar is used and has excellent temperature tolerance.
  • FERMENTATION ESSENTIAL: Turbo Classic Yeast is the biggest selling turbo recipe worldwide and the flag ship of still spirits turbo yeast range. The best all around performing. It is recommended to use it with Turbo Carbon for a significant improved performance.
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  • FOR BEST RESULTS: It is HIGHLY recommended to pair all Turbo Yeast selections with Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear to significantly improve the quality of your finished product.

Description :


Still Spirits is the recognized world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences.
With Still Spirits products you can easily make low cost alcohol and turn it into delicious, full flavoured,
authentic replications of far more expensive spirits & liqueurs.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Still Spirits Turbo Classic Yeast (Pack of 5)

Classic is the best selling Turbo Yeast world-wide, performing excellently under most conditions.
It reaches 18% ABV where 8kg of sugar is used and has
excellent temperature tolerance. Classic has been further improved with the inclusion of new mineral
absorbents, further improving distillate quality. We recommend you use Turbo Carbon and Turbo Clear as it will significantly
improve the performance of Classic Turbo.

- 5 x 6.17 oz Pack of Still Spirits Turbo Classic Yeast

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