Terävä Skrama 200, Carbon Steel, W. Leather Sheath, Right, Black + AccuSharp Pro Knife Sharpener

Terävä Skrama 200, Carbon Steel, W. Leather Sheath, Right, Black + AccuSharp Pro Knife Sharpener

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33.7 × 8.89 × 5.84 cm
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Feature :
  • 2 mm / 0.08" vegetable tanned cowhide with stitched and riveted construction.
  • Inside the leather sits the sturdy Skrama plastic liner, a thumb knob on the side of the mouth makes unsheathing easy and controlled.
  • 6 cm / 2.4" wide belt loop, fits just about any belt you can find, even those extra wide military types.
  • D-ring belt loop lets the knife turn on your belt keeping it from coming in the way when moving about or sitting.
  • Snug fitting press stud strap secured the knife properly in its place. When brand new the strap may feel "short", just pull on it a bit or wet it with warm water and it will soon get a perfect length and shape!
  • A grommet for a leg tie has been added to the tip.
  • And last but not least the sheath does of course have a drainage hole at the very end.

Description :


The blade is slightly curved, with a hole in the tip for hanging. The back of the blade is flat, with no saw teeth or whatnot, perfect to beat a piece of wood against when batoning (Do not use a rock/axe/anything else than wood, it will eventually damage the blade!). Full tang construction ends with the bare head of the tang sticking out, with a hole for a wrist strap. The blade may have some small rust stains on the base of the handle due to the manufacturing process. These are harmless and easy to remove.

The blade is sharpened to two different angles. Near the grip, a 5 cm / 2" portion has an angle of 25° for whittling and fine work. The rest of the blade has an edge of 34°, which has proven to be excellent for this type of chopping blade.

Why is there a hole in the blade? It is there for practical production purposes only - it is used when tempering the blades and later during other steps of production. Of course, you can come up with your own uses for it too, but most importantly it is there for a purpose, not for decoration!


All Terävä carbon steel knives are made from 80CrV2. The "thing" is that this is really nothing fancy or special, just very good tool steel which can take a beating and offers good edge retention. 80CrV2 has over the decades earned a reputation as solid and reliable steel, especially for our purposes.

The heat treatment we use leaves the surface of the steel softer (approx. 52 HRC) than the inside (59 HRC). This functions a lot like fancy differential heat treatments giving the blade added strength. The surface is very resistant against any microscopic fractures or other blemishes, this results in virtually zero problems caused by material defects!

When the blade is ground the harder inner steel is revealed, even though the outer surface is only 52 HRC the actual edge is 59 HRC. This is also why we grind bevels onto the sides of the spine, otherwise, the spine corners would not be hard enough to strike sparks from Ferro rods!

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