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The Complete E-Book Bestseller Formula for Authors: A Time-Tested, Guaranteed Recipe for Kindle Best Seller Success: Increase Book Sales on Amazon, ... KDP (Be a Kindle Bestseller) (Volume 2)

The Complete E-Book Bestseller Formula for Authors: A Time-Tested, Guaranteed Recipe for Kindle Best Seller Success: Increase Book Sales on Amazon, ... KDP (Be a Kindle Bestseller) (Volume 2)

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Your Kindle e-book is awesome. It should be selling more copies! As a matter of fact, it should be an Amazon bestseller, but it\'s not. Why are books that are inferior to yours raking cash, while your book collects digital dust on KDP? The Complete e-Book Bestseller Formula for Authors [re-titled and revised, with expanded applications for Fiction authors] provides many low cost (most are free), easy-to-complete tasks that can shoot your e-book up the popularity lists and earn your book bestseller status in a very short period of time. If you are like most authors, you have already read the e-book improvement classics like Kindle Bestseller Secrets by Derek Doepker, Let\'s Get Visible by David Gaughran, 61 Ways to Sell More Non-fiction Kindle Books by Steve Scott, and Ebook Millionaire by James Calthorpe. These are great books, but they only tell part of the story. They can also be difficult to get through because of their straightforward style. The Complete e-Book Bestseller Formula for Authors kicks it up a notch, with an energetic and motivational flair. It is a fun read, interwoven with humor and the personal experiences of an author who has spent time in the trenches and built a reputation, starting from scratch. There are many ways to make your book more sexy to book buyers. Included in this book are methods that will boost sales for any book (although the formula is best suited for non-fiction titles): Learn how to use keywords, so that people will find your book through SEO and internet searches Learn how to create a killer title and subtitle combination that \"gets the click\" and drives streams of internet traffic to your book page! Learn the elements of an awesome book cover - How do you get people to click on your book from a list of 10-20 books from Amazon search results and Kindle book browsing pages? Sell more books on Amazon by creating a book description that translates directly to book orders - learn how to set up your book description with eye-catching formatting, SEO and a call to action! Learn how to maximize the earning potential of your book by understanding the Amazon sales algorithm and associating your book with other bestselling books in the \'Customer Also Bought\' applet. Make more book sales and expand your author influence by developing an effective and attractive Amazon Author page. Why are book reviews so important? Learn how to get more book reviews for free and use them in your book marketing. Learn how to price your Kindle book for success. These topics are just the highlights of the book. There are many additional topics covered in the books that will help your book become a Kindle bestseller. Author Eric Michael has gone from never writing a page of text to writing three bestselling books on the Kindle platform in short order. This book pulls no punches. It describes in detail what has worked and earned book sales, and what has not. Authors are provided an action plan for \"sexifying\" their books for readers and maximizes their books\' potential. Now is the time to step on the gas and get rolling! Not tomorrow, or next week. Let\'s sell some books! Click on the \'Order\' button in the top-right corner of this page and quickly make your book attractive eye-candy for Amazon book buyers. \"I\'ve read at least a dozen Kindle books about improving book sales. Man, I wish that I would have found this book first. I would have saved myself $50+. I was expecting a book on improving book sales by spicing up the book cover, title, and description. There were some excellent tips for those topics, but there was so much more in addition to that. It covers a wide array of free ways to improve sales - many were fresh ideas that I had not seen, several were updated approaches that I have seen discussed in other books. Long story short - every author or publisher should own this title. A valuable resource.\"
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