Tire Mounting & Demounting Liquid Lubricant Tack & Bead Sealing Lube for Cars, Bikes, Trucks, ATV, Camper Wheels - Reduce Rim Sliding, Rust - Super Slick Liquid Lubrication, Leak Detector (1 Gallon)

Tire Mounting & Demounting Liquid Lubricant Tack & Bead Sealing Lube for Cars, Bikes, Trucks, ATV, Camper Wheels - Reduce Rim Sliding, Rust - Super Slick Liquid Lubrication, Leak Detector (1 Gallon)

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33.0 × 14.7 × 13.9 cm
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Feature :
  • ???? TIRE CHANGING MADE EASY - Struggling to get the perfect bead seal when mounting your tires? This tire mounting lubricant helps seal the tire to the rim while providing superior lubrication.
  • ???? PROTECT YOUR RIMS - This liquid tire changing lubricant is formulated to greatly reduce friction and bead damage, which can happen when you are prying your car's tire off from the rim.
  • ???? USE FOR ALL VEHICLE TYPES - Super slick and easy to apply, this premium liquid tire bead lube may be used for mounting and demounting car, truck, bus, motorcycle, semi and tractor tires.
  • ???? LEAVES NO RESIDUE - Using DIY mixtures for bead lubrication can leave stains and residue on your tires. This slick tire lubricant applies and washes off easily, leaving your wheels and rim clean.
  • ???? DETECT TIRE LEAKS - Are your tires always mysteriously losing air even after getting inflated? Apply this bead sealing lubricant on your tire's surface to easily detect areas where air is escaping.

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Description :

Size:1 Gallon

Having a tough time mounting and demounting your car's tire? Changing tires can be a tricky situation as you have to unseat the rim without causing damage to your tires. There are DIY solutions for mixing bead seal lubricant, but these usually offer poor lubrication and won't protect your tires from corrosion. If you are looking for professional quality bead seal lubrication, this super slick tire mounting lubricant is the perfect solution. Change your tires like a pro with the Bright Knight Supplies Tire Mounting and Demounting Lubricant. Enjoy excellent tack and bead sealing with this tire changing lubricant. It helps changing tools slide under your tire, smoothly breaking it free from the rim while protecting against scuffs and damage. The solution is also infused with compounds that will protect against rust and corrosion, simultaneously prolonging the lifespan and maintaining the fresh appearance of your rims. Mounting and changing tires is now easier than ever. This lubricant is ready to use straight out of the bottle. Just apply the solution using a brush or spray it on. It will also ensure that your tire beads sit perfectly on the rim, saving you time and effort whenever your car's wheels need to be changed. Need more time to make up your mind? Here are more reasons to start using this tire changing lubricant: ???? A must-have for car enthusiasts and tire shop owners ???? Lubricates much better than traditional soap-and-water mixtures ???? Won't leave your rims looking greasy ???? Perfect for tires with stiff beads

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