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Ubibot RS485 PT-100 Temperature Probe for Extreme Heat or Cold,Monitor -200 to 400 C,Micro USB,for WS1 Pro Device only

Ubibot RS485 PT-100 Temperature Probe for Extreme Heat or Cold,Monitor -200 to 400 C,Micro USB,for WS1 Pro Device only

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Feature :
  • RS485 interface, matches with Ubibot GS1/ WS1 Pro device.
  • Wide range of monitoring: -200 to 400 C. Suitable for industrial use cases.
  • Instant readings: when connected with our device, you are able to view the data on the screen and have access to the online data via the app and the web console.
  • Long term storage: Our platform offers free plan with 200 MB storage. Data synced to the platform can be stored up to 2 years with default settings.
  • High Accuracy: Industrial-level chip. Accuracy: B level.

Description :

Style Name:Micro USB

This external probe is designed to use in extreme industrial conditions, such as steelworks, oil refinery plant. It can work in a wide range of -200 to 400 Celsius degree. The material of the probe is 304 stainless steel that is erosion-resistant in mild acid or alkalescent liquids. With embedded RS485 interface, it matches with our WS1 Pro device (optional). When connected via the Micro USB connector, the readings can be viewed directly on the LCD screen. Also, through WiFi network, the external temperature can be synced to the platform and be accessed by the App or any browser. The WS1 Pro will send you alerts when the readings goes outside of the range you set which can give you peace of mind save lots of cost. Kindly reminder: The external sensors are disabled by default. Please enable them in the "Settings" page on the App or the console after inserting the probe into the device. In this case, the readings from the external probe are accessbile.

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