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Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Number and Symbol 24 Piece Set for Branding and Personalization on Wood and Leather

Walnut Hollow Hotstamps Number and Symbol 24 Piece Set for Branding and Personalization on Wood and Leather

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2.54 × 12.7 × 20.3 cm
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Feature :
  • Great for branding or personalizing various surfaces including wood, paper, leather, card and gourds
  • The branding set contains the Numbers 0-9 and a large variety of symbols; all are 5/8” tall (16mm)
  • Fit any Walnut Hollow Tool: 38283 Versa Tool, 5570 Value Woodburner, 24414 Detailer and 28094 Hobby Tool
  • Use the hot stamps to create your own unique fun patterns or add dates to any project
  • Screw thread provides added security and safety during use. Use pliers to change hot letters

Description :

Walnut Hollow HotStamps Numbers and Symbols Branding Set

Product Description

Now you can personalize many surfaces with your initials or your name. These individual metal letters are designed to fit any Walnut Hollow Hot tool. Simply screw into the tool, wait a few minutes for the letter to get hot and brand your surface. Although designed for branding wood these woodburning points (tips) can be used on a variety of surfaces with care such as card, paper, fabric leather, paper Mache, gourds and nuts.

The letters are approximately 5/8 inch tall and the width varies by letter. Ideally the letters should be allowed to cool down before removal. If unscrewing while hot use pliers and gently unscrew. Do not bend the threads when unscrewing as they may snap off in the tool.

The HotStamps are the perfect item for any Do-It-Yourself Enthusiast. With Walnut Hollow, you can personalize your crafts to truly make them your own!

Best Practice Do's and Don'ts

  • Practice on scrap pieces before working on your project
  • Use pliers to unscrew hot points (tips)
  • Do not over tighten
  • Do use fine graphite powder to prevent the point (tip) sticking in the tool
  • Do not press too hard on any surface; let the heat of the tool do the work
  • Do not press at an angle when using the points (tips) as this can bend the point (tip)
  • Do not bend when screwing the point (tip) in or out of the tool

Suitable Tools for All 3 Versions of HotStamps





Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Value Pen

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Detailer

Walnut Hollow Creative Hobby Tool

  Upper Case Alphabet Lower Case Alphabet Numbers and Symbols
Model Number 26162 41004 27399
Contents Contains 26 Capital Letters Contains 26 Lower Case Letters Numbers 0 to 9, Asterisk, Pound, Exclamation, Question, Ampersand, Music Note, Ribbon, Star, Heart, "S" Brand, Comma, Circle, Square, and Tree
Size 5/8 inch Size varies as they're roperly proportioned to match the 26162 Upper Case Letters 5/8 inch

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