Wooden Face Changing Magic Cube Building Blocks Game Matching Expression Puzzle Toy Board Games for Family Night, Match Puzzles Geometric Emoji Toys for Kids and Adults

Wooden Face Changing Magic Cube Building Blocks Game Matching Expression Puzzle Toy Board Games for Family Night, Match Puzzles Geometric Emoji Toys for Kids and Adults

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Feature :
  • ??WOODEN KIDS BOARD GAMES AND FAMILY BOARD GAMES?It's a fun Expressions Emoji puzzle blocks game and for the whole family classic board games, it's is one of the most popular games that is a brilliant addition to any family’s game night. Enjoy hours of fun challenging your friends and family to a feisty game.
  • ??PUZZLE GAME FROM NEW WAVE?Perfect for Ages 3 and up. It's an excellent starter game for your child’s development. They can learn to interact with their peers, follow rules, and face competition. It's excellent for children to learn fair play and develop competitive skills. Your kids can learn basic strategy, problem-solving, and decision-making skills too, which can be taken to a higher level with more complex games. This builds confidence too!
  • ??PUZZLE BUILDING CUBES GAME?It’s a head-to-head puzzle game that combines the strategy of the Puzzle Building Cubes with frenzied face-to-face play. How fast can you match the pattern on a card with your own colored Cubes? The first player to succeed grabs the card and a new matching race starts. Tensions rise as you scramble to outpace and outsmart your opponents in this ingenious game of perception. So fire up your neurons and be transported by an athetier match game!
  • ??BOND STRONGER WITH FAMILY ?Keep this on the coffee table and we guarantee friends and family will come together to challenge each other. It makes a good ice breaker between you and the kids too and helps open up the conversation to make a real connection again. Especially fun with family over the holidays in front of the Christmas tree. Always keep it out and you are sure to attract attention and fun.
  • ??Perfect Gift for Kids? Combining education and fun, Wooden logic-brain game is ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. Your kids will love this challenging smart game. Kids playing alone, or with family or friends. , Alternative to computer, mobile, iPad, TV.

Description :

Expression Puzzle Building Blocks

Wooden Expression Matching Puzzle Block Game, To make an emotional expression with the blocks. Concentration training step by step


  • The expression block toy can train good logical thinking and interaction skills. moderate difficulty.
  • Suitable for children to play, focus on exploration and try, It stimulates children's attention and enhances their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, hands-on ability, and fine motor skills.


face changing magic cube blocks game


12 wooden square emoji building blocks, 50 challenge cards, a bell, and ever-changing faces stimulate children's interest in games and stay away from electronic screens, which helps protect their eyesight.

magic cube block game



  • Learning to think about the combination of geometric figures in the game, lets children think about problems independently.
  • Inspires the child to develop the habit of thinking well, and every failure is the basis for building confidence!


wooden magic cube building blocks


Simple And Easy to Play: Suitable for 1-4 players. This toy can be played both at home and at school to improve their social skills and make your family relationship and their friendship grow stronger.

Safety Material: Made of selected solid wood, tasteless and smooth edges.

Bright Colors: Interesting expression patterns and colorful geometric shapes are easy to attract children's attention.

puzzle building cubes

puzzle cubes

puzzle building cubes game

board games blocks


Shuffle all game cards and deduct them to the table to form a game deck.


Each player chooses a color, and each takes a cube of the corresponding color (3 cubes).


During the game, the wooden blocks in your hand must be assembled into the same shape as the game card at the fastest speed. The first kid to spell out the corresponding emoji wins this card, and the first kid to get 10 challenge cards wins the game!

Suitable Sizes

The blocks are the right size so that kids can easily grasp them. They can hardly get stuck in the throat, so there is no risk of choking.

face changing magic cube game for kids

Face Changing Magic Cube Game For Kids

Gift ideas: Give kids fun and challenging toys. Gifts for kids at Christmas, New Year, Children’s Day, birthdays, etc. are also great.

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